Hot Toys collectors began to wonder if they would tackle a new much older Han Solo. After all he is everyone’s favorite stuck-up, half-witted nerf herder!  Not surprisingly, Hot Toys put up preorders for the figure a few months after The Force Awakens premiered. The initial prototype photos were astounding! So astounding in fact that many wondered if the figure could stack up to expectations. Today we are diving into the figure with our Hot Toys Force Awakens Han Solo Review!

Close up Shots of the Hot Toys Force Awakens Han Solo Blaster Pistol

Right off the bat, Hot Toys is staying consistent with their Star Wars packaging. Slick back art boxes adorned with a portrait of the character inside. Han Solo is no different, with the outer shell covering the basic bubble packaging. When you remove the figure and accessories, it is abundantly clear that you are dealing with a quality release.

One of The Best Head Sculpts Ever

Beginning with the positives, the figure itself is a pretty fantastic piece. Harrison Ford is a notoriously difficult likeness to capture. Hot Toys has even struggled with him, producing the DX05 Indiana Jones and the MMS Han Solo from A New Hope. Both of those figures were close to getting Harrison Ford’s likeness down, but they missed on a few spots. That being said, Old Man Solo is an amazing sculpt through and through. The head is a necked sculpt, which allowed for the sculptors to really create accurate wrinkles down to the neck. Hot Toys has done very well with older characters, especially when you view their Stan Lee figure. The paint work on the headsculpt and hands also reflects the age of Han Solo as well, rife with freckles and age spots.

The Hot Toys Force Awakens Han Solo Head Sculpt is one of the best of all time.

The outfit on the figure is another definite high point. Consisting of pants, shirt, boots, and two different jackets. Everything has the typical level of Hot Toys quality with it. The first jacket is the short brown jacket Han wears through the majority of the film, made in a pleather material. Some collectors may want to be wary of the usage of pleather, and could use a leather lube to preserve the jacket much like we recommended with the Hot Toys DeadPool figure. The other jacket is his winter coat he wears during the infiltration of Starkiller base. The winter coat also has a beige scarf. The boots are hard molded on the bottom with a leather top sewn into the plastic portion. This allows for a greater level of articulation overall.

Check out all the Cool accessories The new Hot Toys Force Awakens Han Solo comes with, including a Winter Coat!

Unfortunately, accessories are where the figure lacks, although it makes sense in terms of the film. Han comes with 4 pairs of hands, two gloved and two bare, his blaster, and a stand. As mentioned the hands are expertly painted, and the blaster has a great level of detail attached. That being said, for a MSRP of 244.99, the amount of accessories included is a bit disappointing. While more accessories would not make sense to include, it would have been nicer to have a lower price point to offset the lack of variation.

Beautiful Photos of the Hot Toys Force Awakens Han Solo Figure

All in all, we enjoyed doing our Hot Toys Force Awakens Han Solo Review and its is an impressive figure at the end of the day. An absolutely stunning sculpt with a nice outfit just held back a bit by a high price tag and a lack of accessories. Whatyou do get however, is quality. He is a must have figure for a Star Wars collector.