Toys Wonderland popped up on the 1/6 scale scene about 3 years and started selling Hot Toys figures via their Instagram page. After gaining some popularity Toys Wonderland created a website and offered direct sales to customers leading them to believe that Toys Wonderland was an official distributor for Hot Toys. Today Hot Toys made an announcement warning customer to not buy from Toys Wonderland. Hot Toys issued the warning about Toys Wonderland via their website.

Toys Wonderland Limited Intentionally Misleads Hot Toys Collectors

In the announcement letter from Hot Toys the company claims that

Toys Wonderland Limited is not and has not been Hot Toys wholesale partner, distributor or dealer.

This may come as a surprise to many Hot Toys Collectors because Toys Wonderland states on their website:

We are now an official distributor of several world-renowned toys brand, supported by the worldwide high-end collectible collector community.

Information about Toys Wonderland

While Toys Wonderland doesn’t specifically state they are a distributor for Hot Toys it can clearly be seen on their website and other social media outlets that they make themselves out to be a distributor without actually mentioning it.

Hot Toys Confronts Toys Wonderland

In the warning letter Hot Toys states the following:

Toys Wonderland Limited is not and has not been Hot Toys wholesale partner, distributor or dealer.

It has recently come to Hot Toys’ attention that Toys Wonderland Limited is, without Hot Toys consent, promoting, marketing and selling of Hot Toys collectibles globally via Toys Wonderland Limited’s official website and online channels under and by reference to Hot Toys
trademarks and copyrighted works (i.e., online images and contents)

Toys Wonderland Limited intentionally misleads Hot Toys’ collectors into believing that its sale of Hot Toys’ collectibles is endorsed or associated with Hot Toys, which is beyond the honest practices in industrial or commercial matters under the law.

We advise our collectors to purchase Hot Toys’ collectibles directly from Hot Toys’ official channels

Hot Toys issues warning letter to Toys Wonderland

Should Collectors Be Worried About Toys Wonderland?

Needless to say that Toys Wonderland has definitely taken several preorders for Hot Toys figures and collectors are worried if they will lose their money from orders they placed. The answer to that question remains unknown and depends if Hot Toys decides to pursue legal action against Toys Wonderland. If that happens Hot Toys could file an emergency restraining order against Toys Wonderland which could potentially shut their website down immediately but as of now Hot Toys has not mentioned any lawsuits publicly.

What Does The Future Hold For Toys Wonderland?

Right now the Hot Toys community has been thrown a curve ball and im sure many Toys Wonderland customers are worried about any money they invested into pending orders but the future for Toys Wonderland right now seems very bad. Hot Toys rarely issues warnings like this and needless to say the spotlight is completely on Toys Wonderland and how they handle this situation. But as the old saying goes, if it’s written in black and white its here to stay. We don’t think this will be a good thing for Toys Wonderlands future and now we will just wait to see if any lawsuits are filed.

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