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Starting with G.I. Joe vehicles from the 60s, to 21stCentury releases in the 90s and early 2000s – there have not been many vehicles produced to accompany the myriad of 1/6 scale releases that have become ever popular. Hot Toys has filled the gaps in a few places – Back to the Future Deloreans, Star Wars speeders, and of course a few iterations of the Batmobile, including a version from the 1989 film. While Gotham’s protector has a set of wheels to patrol the streets, he does have something else to protect the skies, and there has not been a 1/6 scale 1989 Batwing available for collectors – until now. The Jazzinc Batwing is now in hand, and it is staggering.

The Jazzinc 1989 Batwing – First of Its Kind

The Jazzinc 1989 Batwing has been a long time coming, and it is a pleasure to say that it has been worth the wait. Considering this is the first 1/6 scale 1989 Batwing that has been made available to collectors, there is no exact comparison to make here. However, with that being said if you compare it to other mass produced vehicles, such as the previously mentioned Hot Toys offerings it holds its own in every way, if not surpasses the competition.

Jazzinc Batwing Size and Dimensions

It cannot be overstated how large this vehicle is. It is a true 1/6 scale 1989 Batwing, and the proportions are accurate. The dimensions are Measuring in at 44.92 x 52.4 x 14.5 inches and weighs almost 50 pounds!

The Jazzinc 1989 Batwing may be large, however that does not mean that it is lacking in detail. It includes a cockpit that faithfully recreates the prop used in the film, down to light up capabilities. And of course, there is room in the cockpit to place a DX09 Hot Toys Batman figure to pilot the craft.

The Jazzinc Diorama Batwing is Jam Packed With Details

The details extend beyond the cockpit as well. There are additions to the exterior of the Batwing as well – including the clippers with saw that Batman uses to foil the Joker’s plan, and movable flaps. These additions really elevate the vehicle to something beyond a simple display piece, but a true work of art. Additionally, there are display options to choose from as well – including a mount for both vertical and horizontal display, detachable wings, and most importantly in my opinion a easily removable canopy. It almost seems like a shame to hide some of the detail work on the inside, and the magnetically attached canopy makes it a breeze to go through display options.

There’s something special about a 1/6 scale vehicle. The size, the presence immediately draws the eye, even from a non-collector. Something as iconic as the Batwing deserves a wonderful treatment in 1/6 scale, and JazzInc has delivered just that. This is a must have for any Batman collector who appreciates the 1989 film, and I can safely say that this is not one to miss for the average 1/6 scale collector either. JazzInc has set a high bar for any potential competition with this release, and it’s incredibly exciting to see what will be next.

First Cinematic Appearance of The Batwing

The Batwing, one of the most iconic vehicles in cinematic history, made its first cinematic appearance in Tim Burton’s 1989 film “Batman.” Designed by Greg Morgan and Julian Caldow, the Batwing was a sleek, high-tech aircraft that symbolized the Dark Knight’s unwavering commitment to justice and his willingness to go to great lengths to bring criminals to justice.

The Batwing hovering over the moon

Who Designed The 1989 Batwing

Greg Morgan and Julian Caldow were tasked with creating a design for the Batwing that would be both visually impressive and functional, and they rose to the challenge with great success. The final design was a highly aerodynamic aircraft that incorporated several advanced technologies, including a sophisticated navigation system, weapons systems, and a powerful engine.


To bring the Batwing to life, the filmmakers used a combination of physical models and special effects. The main body of the Batwing was created using a 1:6 scale model as seen on Adam Savages Youtube Channel. The interior and cockpit were constructed using a 1:12 scale model. These models were carefully crafted to ensure that they were as accurate as possible.


In the film, the Batwing was used to chase down the Joker and his henchmen, and it was also used to transport Batman to various locations around Gotham City. The aircraft was equipped with a number of weapons systems, including machine guns, missiles, and a grappling hook, which made it a formidable adversary for the Joker and his gang.

Despite the popularity of the Batwing in the film, it has not appeared in any subsequent Batman movies. However, the legacy of the Batwing lives on in the hearts and minds of fans all around the world. To this day, the Batwing remains one of the most recognizable and beloved vehicles in the history of movies.

Conclusion of the Jazzinc Batwing Review

Much like the BVS Batmobile, It is without a doubt that when a Batman collector gets his hands on this toy it will absolutely be the centerpiece of his collection. Very rare moments come along in a collectors life to own a remarkable piece like this and I want to commend the Jazzinc Team for taking the time to create this for the fans of the movie and all the collectors around the globe. If you are thinking about buying this I recommend you jump on it before it sells out and is selling for double the price on eBay. Happy Collecting to you all!

The Batwing, the Batman Logo are Trademarks of Warner Brothers Studios. The Jazzinc Batwing is a Licensed Product of Warner Brother Studios. ™ 2023