NECA has been doing ¼ scale figures for quite a long time and many may know them from their ¼ scale predator figures. In recent times they have been expanding their licenses and have been making more ¼ scale figures. One of their most exciting licenses is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Our NECA 1/4 Scale 1990 TMNT Donatello Figure Review does not disappoint.

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What’s In the Brown Shipper?

When ordering online from NECA, their figures arrive in a relatively generic brown shipper box. But inside of that they have no trouble hiding their piece of work from potential buyers. The box design is their typical ¼ scale figure box; which is a large rectangular box with a large window to take a look at the figure inside. Surrounding the window of the sides, bottom of the front, and back is photos of the figurine and the turtles from the film. As nice as the box is, the real treat is inside.

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Donny is a huge figure, especially if you are typically a collector of 1/6 scale figures. Clocking in at roughly 18 inches, the figure certainly has a presence on the shelf. The figure has 30 points of articulation. It should be noted that NECA has tight joints on their figures. You should heat them up with a blow dryer before you go to bend the shoulders or the knees. After all you don’t want to break one! Once loosened up a bit, he really has a lot of articulation, for a figure at the size that it is.

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Donatello’s Head Sculpt is Beautiful!

The sculpt on the figure itself is absolutely lovely. It seems like they took the suits from the film and just shrunk them down. Donatello carries a more serious expression than the other turtles, but he also has an intense expression in his glare. It should also be noted that the figure is beautifully weathered. NECA did a fantastic job of highlighting the sculpt work. The nails on the several hands included show dirt, and the turtle skin shows the spots and blemishes that the suit in the film did. Donatello does have some fabric on him, the back of the bandana is fabric, and the harness for his staff is also stitched together and weathered as well.

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Hungry for Some Pizza?

Speaking of his staff, Donatello does come with some accessories! He comes with his ninja staff, which comes in at almost a foot. Much like the figure, the sculpt and paint are very successful here, displaying like a real wooden stick. He also comes with a slice of New York’s finest pizza which also is beautifully sculpted and painted. It really looks good enough to eat. That is a joke, please do not eat the plastic pizza!

Finally, he comes with a canister of ooze, which is adorned with clean text details and a realistically sculpted rip in the metal. He is rounded out by a set of hands in various poses.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an extremely popular brand, and if you are a Turtle’s fan, this is a must buy. No ifs ands or buts about it For the 100 dollar price tag it is a steal. So much so that even if you are not a Turtles fan, it is still recommended that you get into the series with this piece. A work of art, and we are very excited to see what NECA brings next.