Asmus Toys is no stranger to the production of one sixth scale figures. Now they have released a new version of one of their very first figures. We’ve got a look at Jim Carrey portraying The Mask from the 1994 film of the same name. A relatively cheap figure, we’re going to look at every aspect with our Asmus Toys “The Mask” 2.0 Figure Review 2017. Sit back and enjoy this “Smoking” review!

Is the new 2017 Asmus Toys Mask Figure worth the money? Watch our review to find out!

Asmus Toys The Mask 2.0 Accessories

The Mask 2.0 figure is housed in relatively standard packaging. That is standard plastic packaging inside a very nice art box. Inside the artbox is standard clamshell plastic housing the figure and its accessories. Nothing to write home about in the packaging department. But it does get the job done in an effective and pleasing manner.

Now this is where the figure really shines; the accessories! A variety of hands in iconic poses are included. That being said there is a piece of the instruction manual that mentions that one should soak the hands in hot water before swapping them  out. Also included are the dog from the film, as well as an additional head for the dog, so you can display it pre or post transformed. Also included is the mask itself. While it does not attach to the figure, it is a very nicely painted piece.

The Asmus Toys The Mask 2.0 Figure comes with a lot of accessories!

The figure itself is well made as well. The body is a standard job, with it’s average points of articulation, but in the outfit and accessories is where the figure shines. Coming in nicely tailored and in bright vibrant yellow, it is sure to draw eyes on display. The figure also includes two head sculpts that can be swapped out as well. Additionally, a hat is included that is well made and feels firm. Another nice detail in the outfit is the sculpted boots that were painted very well, and the suspenders that sit under the jacket. The likeness is true, and the outfit is great and this day in ange, you cannot ask for much else.

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You Get a Great Figure for the Price

Something to note is that this is not a typically priced figure; it clocks in at around 140 dollars. This is substantially lower than most mainstream offerings. The figure is not without its faults; the stand feels cheap, and it appears to be from Asmus’ original offering of The Mask. Additionally,the magnets in the dog’s head are not the strongest. And the heads are prone to falling off. Not the end of the world, but issues none the less. Also don’t forget to soak the hands in hot water before changing them on the figure.

With all that said, Asmus Toys The Mask 2.0 figure is only $140 dollars. Considering the quality that you do get with it, it is a great figure, and a great value. Perhaps not a must own for someone who is not familiar with the license, but for someone who grew up watching The Mask or is a general Jim Carrey fan, this figure is highly recommended.