Since the first trailers of Batman V Superman, figure collectors everywhere have been anxious to get their hands onto the 1/6 Scale iteration of the Hot Toys Batman V Superman Batmobile as it appears in the film. Months after the initial reveals of the Batmobile by Hot Toys, we now finally have the phenomenal Dawn of Justice Batman in hand, and as a result rumors of the Batmobile’s release are in full force.

Considering the amount of promotion we have already seen for this Batmobile, alongside the fact that much like the Batsuit, the Batmobile likely will undergo a visual change in the solo Batman film, I think it is fair to say that the Dawn of Justice Batmobile will eventually be up for public order, and sooner rather than later. Fortunately, One Sixth Society has compiled the relevant and known information inside this article

Hot Toys Batman v Superman Batmobile

Hot Toys Batman V Superman Batmobile Dimensions

After speaking to Hot Toy’s Ray Ling, who headed up the paint on the absolutely gorgeous Hot Toys Marvel Iron Man Mark XXII – Hot Rod Sixth Scale Figure, we now have some information about the highly anticipated release of the Batmobile! He verified the estimated dimensions of the vehicle; 43” (L) X 23” (W) X 13”(H) so it will not be a small piece by any means. Other features that have been reported as being possible for the collectible are Headlights & signal lights, Gatling guns with lights, Functional doors, an Interior light-up function as well as Battle & cruising mode.

Ray Ling - Hot Toys Engineer - October 2016

“We Are Still Waiting For The Right Time To Release The Batmobile, Justice League Is Coming Too Fast”

When Will The Batmobile be Released?

While these specifics have not been confirmed nor denied, judging from Hot Toy’s 1/6 Scale Delorean it is not unlikely that these features will be included. All of the speculation is fantastic, but without an order form these rumors are just that. Fortunately, Ray Ling had this to say when asked about the release date of the Batmobile; “We Are Still Waiting For The Right Time To Release The Batmobile, Justice League Is Coming Too Fast”. While this obviously does not include a specific date for release, but some more pessimistic collectors can take a breath because this statement does lend itself to the idea that the Batmobile is coming eventually. When that is, no one can say for sure.

Hot Toys Batman v Superman Batmobile Cockpit

Given the potential rerelease of Ben Affleck as he appeared in Suicide Squad that was observed at San Diego Comic Con, it may not be crazy to think that perhaps the Batmobile will go up for order alongside that. The other train of thought would be that we would perhaps not see the Batmobile until Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film, but personally I believe that this is unlikely. Whenever that time may be, there are many things that we will be unsure of; the price, the accessories, the functionality of some of the parts, but one thing is for certain, and that is that the Hot Toys One Sixth Scale Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile will be a centerpiece for anyone who purchases it.