When it was released, it became abundantly clear that there was a design oversight in the wrist portion of the suit. When swapping out hands, some collectors noticed that the wear and tear of the hands rubbing against the suit would cause the pleather material to tear. Luckily we created a Hot Toys DeadPool Wrist Issue Repair Guide which offers a relatively inexpensive solution to this problem.

Awesome Dynamic Pose for the Hot Toys DeadPool

How To Avoid The Problem.

In order to avoid the shredding of the fabric, you just need to take a few precautions and steps to avoid the issue on an otherwise wonderful figure. First off, you will need to invest in a product called leather lube. You can find this on Amazon or Ebay for about five to seven dollars. Leather lube is a product designed for, as you might guess, lubricating leather. Even though the Deadpool figure is synthetic leather, or pleather, it will still work on the material and may save your 250 dollar figure from getting damaged.

Does Your Hot Toys DeadPool Wrist have an Issue? LeatherLube Can Help!

What you need to do use the lube is take a q-tip, and push the sleeve into the wrist peg slot until it is fitting snuggly. Once the fabric is around the wrist socket, you will take the q-tip and take a small amount of leather lube and work it around the wrist socket, where the peg will be going in. While it may appear shiny, you will not need to worry as the lubricant is clear and scentless. At this point, once it is applied you will then turn your attention to the hands that you will be using.

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You will need to remove the wrist pegs from the hands that you are planning on using on the figure. Once the pegs are out of the hands, you will use a q-tip to apply the leather lube to the inside of the cuff on the hand. Once the lubricant is applied, you will press the wrist peg back into the hand socket. At this point, you are ready to put the hand back into the wrist socket in the body.

Comparison between Hot Toys DeadPool and Tony Mei's Custom DeadPool

Finally, you can now put the hand back into the body. Once it is pressed in, you will notice that excess lubricant will seep out. While this may be alarming, it wipes off with a cloth very easily. Take the hand and rotate it lightly to make sure the lubricant works itself around the areas. You will notice almost immediately that there is now no tension when rotating the hand against the suit, it is now smooth. Thais removes the friction and greatly reduces the wear on the suit. Now, you may have to reapply lube to the wrist area, and you will have to apply it to new hands when you swap them, but it is a small price to pay to protect an otherwise fantastic figure.