One of the most iconic film characters of all time; Rocky Balboa has had his fair share of collectibles over the years. In regards to high-end collectibles, Hot Toys brought out a few figures but they are dated in comparison to modern high-end collectibles. However, in 2016 Blitzway brought out an absolutely gorgeous 1/4 scale statue of Rocky and Butkus. In honor of the Italian Stallion, we are doing a Blitzway Rocky Statue Review.

This is the Blitzway Rocky Statue Box that he comes in

The Sculpt

Sylvester Stallone has what I would consider to be one of the most recognizable faces in show business. Stallone’s face is captured beautifully in this statue, sculpted what I would consider to be perfectly by K.A Kim. A young Rocky Balboa shines here, with a neutral expression still showcasing a bit of that Philadelphia attitude. The body is also sculpted on Rocky, with his exposed forearms showing accurate and realistic musculature.

K.A Kim Sculpted the Blitzway Rocky Statue Head Sculpt

In addition to Rocky, we have his faithful dog Butkus. I always enjoy seeing collectible dogs in various scales, especially when they are done as well as this one. The fur is sculpted on, but it looks like someone took a full size bullmastiff and shrunk it down. The final sculpted piece of the statue is the base. Sculpted to be reminiscent of a Philadelphia street, the sidewalk and street is represented beautifully. A bit of grass is poking through the cracks on the street, a small detail that really adds to the display.


Blitzway is known for their excellent paintjobs, and this is no exception. The Blitzway Rocky Statue is painted in very high detail, maintaining realistic skin tone, stubble, not to mention the eyes. However, equally as impressive is Butkus. A glossy paint was applied to his snout, just as a large, slobbering dog would have. The base is also painted well, showing imperfections in the concrete, as well as gum on the ground. IF you have seen any of Blitzway’s other pieces, you know what you’re getting. Moving on with our Blitzway Rocky Statue Review.

The Blitzway Rocky Statue Butkus Dog Looks realistic


Now, this is a mixed media statue, which means that it is a statue that utilizes different materials. In this case that refers to both Rocky’s and Butkus’ outfits. Rocky is wearing his signature street outfit, consisting of tight pants, a red shirt, black jacket, gloves, a spiked braced, chain, and hat. Butkus is wearing his retro styled Eagles jersey as well. Having these outfits be actual fabric instead of sculpted adds a lot in my opinion. Obviously sculpted clothing would lack the realism that the fabric outfit carries, making the piece stand out from other statues.

Awesome Photos of the Blitzway Rocky Statue


In terms of accessories, we are given a few neat little pieces. One is a wall-ball, a common street game in Philadelphia. There is also two newspaper-esque pages featuring advertisings for the climatic fight. These papers are weather and wrinkled, like they have been floating down the street. Finally, we have a little plaque that showcases Rocky II, as well as the iconic arms in the air pose. Most statues come out of the box and that’s it, so it is nice to have some extras included.

You get some cool accessories with the Blitzway Rocky Statue

Overall, Blitzway’s Rocky statue is an exceedingly impressive piece. It captures an iconic character in a beautiful fashion. If you are a fan of the Rocky films, this piece is an essential addition to your collection., you won’t regret it one bit. We hope you enjoyed our Blitzway Rocky Statue Review! Sitting down with this older piece is just making us more excited for the Ecto-1!