Its almost summertime and soon we can finally hit the beach! More importantly we can look forward to San Diego Comic-Con 2017! An absolutely astounding event that is world famous. Comic-Con 2017 is to be a pop culture phenomenon! This convention has become the hottest spot on earth for companies to show off new figures that they are releasing. At One Sixth Society we are also wondering which New Figures at Comic-Con 2017 can we expect to see?

Its very important to remember that what we discuss here is pure speculation. We do not have an inside look into the show, so we will have to use good old fashioned intuition. Hot Toys as well as Sideshow typically show off new figures at the show along with some other companies. Let’s get into some predictions.

New Figures at Comic-Con 2017 That We Are Excited For!

Hot Toys has been known to reveal new figures and sometimes even new brand licenses at Comic-Con. Every year they surprise us with something new that we were all unaware of! I am sure we will see some of their figures like the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 team as well as others like Hoth Princess Leia, My excitement of course are for figures that we do not yet know about. Another popular reveal at a previous Comic-Con was the Three Zero RoboCop Cain figure. Many collectors are hoping to see a final version of this figure this year.

Will the Three Zero Robocop Cain Make an Appearance at Comic-Con 2017?

Last year we feasted our eyes on the Back to the Future 2 figures, Ripley, and more. This year could be anything. Many are hoping that Hot Toys will unveil more Aliens collectibles, so that would be a lovely surprise. Speaking of Back to the Future 2, the Delorean from that film was on display last year. Unfortunately we have not seen any more news on that piece since then. If Hot Toys has it on display this year that may give some more fans hope for a future release.

Many Fans are hoping to see the Hot Toys Back To The Future 2 Delorean at comic con 2017!

I do not expect to see any figures from the upcoming Star Wars Episode 8 film. Disney handles their merchandising for those films and are very strict about revealing new figures. We may see some older Star Wars characters, like more Empire Strikes back figures, or perhaps even figures from the prequels.

New Marvel and DC Figures at Comic-Con 2017

I fully expect to see figures on display from both major super hero brands this year; DC and Marvel. For DC, expect some Justice League figures, and from Marvel I am looking forward to some announcements of Thor Ragnarok figures, as well as Spiderman: Homecoming.

Will there be New Marvel and Dc Figures At Comic Con 2017

Additionally, it would not surprise me to see some older DC Icons make an appearance. Howard Chan, who is Hot Toys founder has gone on record before alluding to Batman Returns figures of Catwoman and The Penguin being released. Chan has also recently said that we may be seeing the return of the Cesar Romaro 1966 Joker figure.

The most anticipated figure announcement at comic con 2017 will be Hot Toys Catwoman and Penguin

Blitzway Announces unveiling of the Ecto-1 At Comic-Con 2017

Last year Blitzway revealed their Ghostbusters and Fight Club figures at Comic-Con. The splash they made was so big that even mainstream media outlets like Gizmodo featured these Ghostbusters figures on their website. In a Recent announcement on Blitzways Facebook page on Friday May 13, 2017 – they will unveil the one sixth scale Ecto-1 at Comic-Con this year. Needless to say that this car could steal the show.

Its official, Blitzway will announce the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 at Comic Con 2017

San Diego Comic Con is a really special event; it is a week of fun and camaraderie that is nearly impossible to achieve in any other sort of hobby. There will be plenty of new figures unveiled at Comic-Con this year! We know that not everyone can make their way out there, so we are happy to announce that One Sixth Society will be at SDCC 2017 for the week! Expect us to bring you plenty of exciting news from the showroom floor! In the meantime join in and tell us what new figures at comic-con 2017 you hope to see.