Today we are looking at a Bandai Soul of Chogokin Voltron GX 71 figure review. As a big fan of Voltron, it is refreshing to see a figure that is clearly a labor of love. From the packaging, to the figure, to the accessories are all crafted with exquisite detail. Obviously this is not the first Voltron figure to be made, nor will it be the last but I can sincerely say that this is my favorite one by a significant margin. The figure excels in accessories, presentation, and the figure itself.

The Artwork on the box of the Chogokin Voltron GX-71 is beautiful!

Upon opening the box, we are greeted with an excess of accessories housed in old school Styrofoam packaging. All of the classic Voltron accessories are included in beautiful fashion. While the ‘metal’ parts like the blade of the sword are not actually die cast, they are painted chrome and display beautifully. Also included are the lion-bot’s respective accessories. As mentioned above, it almost seems like an excessive amount of accessories, so much so that one could not feasibly use all of them together. That being said, final and most impressive accessory alleviates that issue, and also plays into the presentation category of the figure.

Check out all the awesome accessories the Voltron GX-71 has!

Best Looking Voltron Figure Ever Created!

The figure includes a display stand to show off every accessory included, an extremely nice addition to a figure, and frankly a feature that should be adopted by more companies. The display stand is in the shape of stairs and has slots for all accessories included to fit snuggly. In terms of the rest of the presentation, the box is a work of art. Japanese text that replicates the old retro packaging adorns the box under the slip cover, and adorns the instruction book. Additionally, there is a name plate that has both Japanese and English text on it, so you can switch between both on the display stand. Finally, inside all of the packing and packaged with the accessories is the main feature; Voltron.

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Voltron is a giant fighting robot who is formed by the combination of five lion bots, and this figure is no exception. Each bot is an individual figure, and they are all treated as individual masterpieces. Every lion bot on its own is a fantastic piece in itself. They are boast fantastic paintjob and a frankly insane amount of articulation; even the paws have articulation within them. They are adorned with metallic paint, as well as slots for their accessories to be added. It is clear that the Lion Bots in this set are a result of a culmination of the best Voltron toys over the years as well as an appreciation to the source material. They all feature the most posability that these figures have seen, and also include interior weapons on each.

The Voltron GX-71 has the sturdiest legs out of any Voltron every created!

The Black Lion bot of course opens to reveal the face of Voltron within. That is because unlike some other previous Voltron figures, the Lion Boats actually form together to form Voltron. While some may be hesitant to assemble the figure after having the Lion Bots separate, Bandai has included thorough instructions. The Lion bots form together via a series of plugs, all of which are exceedingly sturdy. Also in place is a series of lock systems to lock the arms and legs to the torso, coming together to form Voltron in an extremely sturdy fashion. The Voltron when assembled is an amazing figure, standing at around 27cm, it is an imposing presence on the shelf, especially when compared to some of the older, smaller figures.

The Detail on the Bandai Soul of Chogokin Voltron GX 71 Arms are amazing!

Having Voltron assembled alongside all of his accessories on the display stand, it is quite a sight to behold. A plethora of accessories from weapons to an exchangeable faceplate escalate the piece from impressive to extraordinary. An obvious purchase for any fans of Voltron, it is even easy to recommend this piece to someone who has never owned a giant fighting robot figure. The price point comes in a bit high, similar to your average 1/6 scale figure, but there is no question in the value that you are receiving. One Sixth Society highly recommends this piece, and we also recommend that you watch Jon Deak’s review!