Today started bright and early. Flying over from Florida meant that I was up at 4AM to catch a flight and I am exhausted. But you cannot be exhausted when Comic Con is happening! There is no time for exhaustion when there is news and events taking place. Check out their site to see just a fraction of the events taking place! Right out the gate we are going to be taking a look at Hot Toys Comic Con 2017 Figures because there is quite a bit to take in!

Now this must be prefaced with the fact that just because a figure is shown at SDCC, that does not mean that we will be seeing it released. We all remember the Prometheus figures. However, the offerings that are on display this year are quite impressive. For the most part we are looking at a variety of Marvel, DC, as well as Star Wars alongside some miscellaneous pieces.


Marvel and Hot Toys really brought the heat this year; namely with pieces from the Upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. These include a Gladiator Hulk, Gladiator and ‘Road Worn’ Thor, as well as a blue-clad Loki. Perhaps the most exciting for me however is Yondu. While I wasn’t terribly keen on the character from the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, he really stole the show in the second. I am sure I am not the only collector excited to get that blue Ravager on my shelf! The other Guardians from Volume 2 are on display as well, including Gamora and Drax. I do wish Mantis was on display, but you cannot win them all.

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D.C. Comics

To the surprise of almost no one, Hot Toys Comic Con 2017 Figures included Justice League. Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman all received visual changes from their previous figures. We also got a peek at the other team members. Flash and Aquaman are currently sitting headless, but we did get a look at Cyborg in all his glory. The team looks fantastic together, all featuring very intricate outfits. It will be interesting to see if Hot Toys unveils headsculpts for Flash and Aquaman over the weekend. The Batmobile from BVS also made an appearance, so it will be interesting to see if this means it is finally going up for order.

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Star Wars

Here we go, this is what I am most excited about overall. Plenty of Star Wars reveals which is precisely what I wanted. We had a tease of Tarkin earlier this week, and the figure does not disappoint one bit. Additionally we have the Rogue One Assault Tank commander once again. Two very very exciting announcements also occurred: Endor Luke and Leia. As someone who loved the designs from the film, it is nice to see them given a high-end sixth scale treatment. We also have another Stormtrooper and Darth Vader, likely also from Return of the Jedi, as well as The Force Awakens C3-PO. Finally, something that Howard Chan has alluded to was finally revealed: Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker. Based on his Revenge of the Sith appearance, Anakin is captured beautifully and will be necessary to complete the Skywalker family tree.

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The licenses that are not Marvel, DC, or Star Wars is where I think Hot Toys really shines, and this year appears to be no different. Ellen Ripley and the Power Loader is once again on display, so I am keeping hope alive that it’ll go up for order soon. We also got to see the Valerian figures that were previously teased. I am getting a Prometheus vibe from them, but who knows, maybe these will actually see the light of day. Most exciting for me in the miscellaneous category is more Back to the Future Collectibles; namely the BTTF2 Delorean. Originally shown last year, it showing up again makes me feel like it may actually go up for order. Alongside the car is Doc and Marty in their 1950’s outfits! I’m hoping they all go up for order together.

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Comic Con is a magical time, and we are very excited to be bringing you more information about figures as the weekend goes on! I’m happy to see that some of our predictions turned out to be accurate! It is not uncommon for Hot Toys to unveil more pieces as the weekend  progresses so we will keep an eye out for you. In the meantime, what Hot Toys Comic Con 2017 Figures are you most excited for?