One quick note, Hot Toys will not be covered in this article. If you are looking for Hot Toys figures from Comic Con 2017 then check out this article here. Its completely dedicated to just Hot Toys figures from Comic Con 2017. Lets begin! After a night of sleeping on the sidewalk in the hopes of getting Conan tickets (we didn’t) and several miles walked, Comic Con is finally over! We had a great time overall and did a variety of activities over the weekend. We visited the fantastic Blade Runner 2049 Experience, saw some Pacific Rim: Uprising footage, it is fantastic and more. That was all a lot of fun, but we need to have a Comic Con 2017 Figures Round Up! Without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles Comic Con 2017

Obviously Hot Toys brought the one sixth scale heat to the show, but Sideshow brought their own plethora of items! Just a few sixth scale collectibles from Sideshow made the scene, but plenty of collectibles at other scales were shown! Let’s take a look at what will be costing you money soon!

Sixth Scale Figures

As I said above, Sideshow did not bring many sixth scale pieces to SDCC this year. However, what they did bring is quite lovely! Starting with what we have seen; Jack Burton and Lobo were on display. Lobo features what may be my favorite headsculpt Sideshow has ever done. Lobo stands with an intimidating silohette, and he will be a great addition to your DC Sixth Scale figures. Speaking of DC, Sideshow also unveiled their ‘Batman Classic’ sixth scale figure. The classic refers to the color scheme as well as the Bat symbol. However, the figure still maintains the sleek modernized look that Sideshow has become accustomed to. The suit has some seams, as well as a seemingly slender, muscular body.

Finally, and most exciting for me is Sideshow brought out a Rick Deckard One Sixth Scale figure. Of course, they had a tag on it that said ‘Not for Sale’ so this may never see the light of day. However, I would like to think that if there is a good amount of interest shown, maybe it will see the light of day at some point!

Premium Formats

Now we’ll move onto the other scales that Sideshow had on display. They are of course known for their quarter scale premium formats and tons were on display! My personal favorite though was Abbey Chase from Danger Girl. J. Scott Campbell’s designs are quite recognizable, and they also translate very well to statues! And of course, there were other comic and Court of the Dead PFs, like Magneto and Relic Ravlatch Paladin of the Dead, among several others!

Life Sized

Sideshow makes absolutely stunning life sized figures, and they brought two winners to San Diego Comic Con this year! First off, we have the ever intimidating Deathtrooper on display. The Specialist trooper is hunched over ready to fight, and the details are absolutely stunning. However, the show stopper here is the life sized K-2SO. K-2 towers at over 7 feet, making him an imposing, if not snarky presence to any collection.

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Asmus Toys

Asmus Toys Comic Con 2017

Asmus had an exceedingly small display, focused on about two franchises. First was the Hateful Eight diorama set up, which contained Major Warren and the Hangman. These figures are already out so that was nothing new. However, they showed off prototypes of Boromir, and Gimli, as well as Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry. For Lord of the Rings collectors, these figures look fantastic and will look great next to the rest of their LOTR offerings. Gimli especially was impressive, with a rooted hair and beard. While I wish we saw some more Hateful Eight figures, I was quite impressed by what they did have.

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Big Chief Studios

Big Chief Studios Comic Con 2017

Another Comic Con 2017 figures company Big Chief Studios was Tucked inside the Sideshow booth! The British company is doing their country proud as they bring licenses from their country to sixth scale! We have James Bond galore; the Goldfinger line that we’ve known about made an appearance and they look stunning. However, a Live or Let Die line is now on the way as well! Baron Samedi and Solitaire were on display which looked fantastic! Roger Moore as Bond was marked as ‘Coming Soon’, so I am looking forward to that. Additionally, BCS had the 8th Doctor from Doctor Who, as well as Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, and Gladiator. Big Chief is really upping their game, and fans of the franchises that they have should be assured that they are in good hands.

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Blitzway Comic Con 2017

After much anticipation, the Ecto-1 is finally here. We have been talking about it for months and we were able to feast our eyes on it. It is absolutely massive and stunning, but something else interesting came from it as well; the final versions of the Ghostbusters were on display as well. They look absolutely fantastic, and it appears that they were worth the wait. In addition, they had their Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct statue on display which looked fantastic. Finally, and most surprising was Hannibal Lecter from The Silence of the Lambs. Going off of information doled out by the booth, Hannibal appears to be a figure with multiple headsculpts and swappable seamless arms. This is in response to the thought that many thought they would be statues, but it appears that Hannibal will be a figure. If they keep it up, Blitzway may become the best company in the business.

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Mondo Comic Con 2017

Mondo was known as the t-shirt and poster company, but to much delight they have been shifting more towards collectibles! They had a few statues on display this year, like the Rocketeer as well as Jesse Custer AKA Preacher. However, they also brought out Batman: The Animated Series 1/6 scale figures. The only ones shown were Batman and Mr. Freeze. They do not have fabric outfits and as a result they are made in all plastic. However, the full plastic approach allows for a much more stylized look, and they capture the look of the cartoon perfectly. Assuming these sell well, I am hoping we get a ful line from Mondo. Given their Alfred Hitchcock figure and now these, I am very excited to see what else Mondo has up their sleeves.

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Three A Comic Con 2017

ThreeA had their booth at Comic Con with plenty of figures on display. On the ThreeA side, we had plenty of Transformers and Ashley Wood pieces! The Transformers looked bright and stunning, and Ashley Wood is doing great work as always. On the Threezero side of things, we got to see in person a lot of figures already announced. Daenerys, The Hound, Negan, and Michonne were all on display. However, the most exciting thing at their booth in my opinion was the 1/6 Scale Big Daddy and Little Sister from Bioshock. The piece was massive and intimidating, and I am looking forward to more information on that and any other pieces ThreeA and Threezero have to bring out!

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Hollywood Collectibles Group

Hollywood Collectibles Comic Con 2017

Hollywood Collectibles does not do 1/6 scale products, but they do offer a broad range of insanely detailed 1/4th and 1/1 scale items. For Ghostbusters, they showed ¼ scale statues of Venkman and Stantz as well as 1/1 scale Slimer, Ecto Goggles, and a ghost trap! For other licenses, they had 1/1 Alien Facehuggers, ¼ Scale Edward Scissor Hands and Sin City characters, and more! Their booth was small but chock full of items, and I am sure fans of these franchises will want these items on their shelves.

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Neca Comic Con 2017

Of course NECA had an incredible booth at SDCC 2017 as they always do. Plenty of big announcements and reveals at the booth, both literally and metaphorically. The ‘biggest’ reveal was a ½ scale Deadpool, standing at approximately 36 inches tall. Getting slightly smaller, we had plenty of 1/4th scale reveals, like Disguised Raphael from TMNT, and a slew of Marvel and DC heroes. Most exciting for me personally was the announcement of the Guillermo Del Toro collection. Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone are getting collectibles and I cannot believe that is a sentence that I just typed. Finally, they showed off something that I think the collectible world is lacking; accessory packs. NECA is releasing updates for their figures; whether it be TMNT accessories, or a Camp Crystal Lake Set for Jason, this is something other companies need to do. NECA is doing a fantastic job, and their booth was a delight.

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Elite Creature Collectibles

Elite Creature Collectibles Comic Con 2017

To be totally honest, I have never heard of Elite Creature Collectibles before SDCC 2017, but they are now on my radar in a huge way. Their work is stunningly realistic, and they have access to a slew of cool licenses in addition to their own concept pieces. As the name implies, they had some beautifully disturbing creatures on display. However, they had the finest 1/3rd scale statues I have ever seen. Most notably for me was Jason, Freddy, and Gizmo. All of these figures are highly detailed, but the most impressive aspect of the pieces are the bases. All three have dynamic and unique stands, and they elevate the pieces to the next level. While I didn’t know of Elite Creature Collectibles before, I definitely know of them now.

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Star Ace

Star Ace Comic Con 2017

Much like Asmus, Star Ace had a very small display. But hey, quality over quantity, and there was plenty of quality on display! Two lines were at the show, Harry Potter and 300: Rise of an Empire. For Harry Potter we have 1/8th scale Harry in his Tri-Wizard Outfit, as well as Lord Voldemort. In one sixth scale we have Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as General Themistocles and General Artemisia from 300: Rise of an Empire. All of the figures on display look fantastic, but I have to say that Newt stole the show. Considering I am not into Harry Potter at all but I still want that figure should say a lot.

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Qmx Comic Con 2017

QMX is fantastic at what they do: Creating a variety of figures from a select group of franchises. SDCC 2017 brought a great amount of new collectibles that we haven’t seen before! These include new Star Trek Figures (Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan!), Firefly figures (Zoe!), as well as some new lines! We saw Westley from The Princess Bride, Raylan Givens from Justified, as well as Castiel, Sam, and Dean from Supernatural! We also had a variety of Q-Figs on display, which are adorable and I am a big fan of them.

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Chronicle Collectibles

Chronicle Collectibles Comic Con 2017

Chronicle Collectibles made another SDCC appearance, bringing with them a variety of scaled collectibles. They are sticking with the Jurassic Park series, showing off a massive 1/5th scale Female T-Rex Maquette. It is gorgeous and taller than I am! They also have a 1/1 John Hammond Cane, as well as a 1/20 scale statue of the Indominous Rex from Jurassic World. Additionally two great looking 1/4th scale collectibles were on display; The Man in Black from Westworld, as well as Thulsa Doom from Conan. A few other pieces were on display as well, like 1/9th scale figures from Vikings, as well as a lovely John Wick Blood Oath Marker. I was personally disappointed we did not see 1/6th scale offerings like last year, but what they had still looked great. Before we continue our Comic Con 2017 Figures Round Up I should mention that Chronicle also had a 1/2 scale RoboCop bust on display. I’m confident Jon Deak has that one on preorder!

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Pop Culture Shock

Pop Culture Shock Comic Con 2017

Pop Culture Shock appears to have gotten out of the 1/6th scale world. As they released their Sons of Anarchy figures and cancelled of their other projects at that scale. However, they still had plenty to show off, namely Street Fighter and Power Ranger products. PCS excels in colorful collectibles, and Power Rangers and Street Fighter fit that bill to a T. They had a beautiful bust of the Red Ranger, as well as a very cool Green Ranger Statue. A small White Ranger bust was also on display. For Street Fighter, they were focusing on their 1/4th scale Mixed Media statues, all of which showcase vibrant colors and perfect sculpts. Certainly niche licenses, but they look great!

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WETA Workshop

Weta Workshop Comic Con 2017

If you are even remotely familiar with Weta Workshop’s work, you should have a pretty good idea of the quality that they had on display. With a ton of Lord of the Rings items available at different scales, you should have no problem finding a collectible that resonates with you. My favorite part of the booth was their GKR: Heavy Hitters section. They showed off the miniatures from their tabletop game which also includes absolutely gorgeous miniatures. The miniatures themselves look like they’ll make fantastic pieces on their own. Weta workshop had exquisite pieces showing off intricate craftsmanship and designs, no surprises here.

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Tweeterhead Figures Comic Con 2017

Tweeterhead brought out a variety of their DC Super Powers maquettes, as well as their Signature series to SDCC 2017! A few of their already released pieces were on display, like their stunning Julie Newmar statue, as well as some exciting new additions. Most notably for me was their Harley Quinn, Joker, and Hyenas. We had a chance to speak to the sculptor of the Joker piece; Paul Harding, who also sculpted the Harley Quinn head we talked about in our best female head sculpts article. Tweeterhead knows how to make an impressive piece, and if their WIP Superman and Wonder Woman is anything to go by, it appears that they will keep that trend going for a long time.

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SDCC 2017 was an absolute blast. I am equal amounts excited and absolutely exhausted. Obviously collectibles were not the only part of the show for me; I had a great bunch of moments. Met up with some friends, saw a few celebrities (Saw Michael Rooker!), and got some awesome freebies. However obviously not everyone can be there, but we hope that our Comic Con 2017 Figures Round Up helped you out a bit! If this SDCC is anything to go by, the rest of 2017 and 2018 are going to be huge for collectibles!