While companies like Art Figures and Virtual Toys are creating figures based off of the more recently made film Dredd, Xensation Collectibles decided to go for something a bit earlier; the Sylvester Stallone film. Being an unlicensed release, it comes in a lot cheaper than lets say a Hot Toys branded figure and its more on the level of an Asmus Toys figure. So the question stands, how does the figure fare? Surprisingly its not a bad figure for around $100 dollars and our Xensation Judge Dredd Review will cover all aspects of the figure.

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Immediately upon taking the figure out of the box, it is apparent right away that this is a minimal release. You have the figure, two extra hands, and a pistol. No bells or whistles, just a straight forward figure with a single accessory. Given the price of the whole figure, this should not be too surprising, but Xensation needs to do the accessories that he does come with well. For the most part, this is the case. The hands have an adequate paintjob; they are painted to look like leather with golden armored accents and it comes across clearly enough. Dredd also comes with his Lawbringer pistol, which also has a paint app that gets the job done.

Xensation Judge Dredd Figure Gun is the only Accessories he come with.

The figure itself appears to be quite sturdy; the body’s joints are tight and heavy. Initially it may have been the armor giving it its heft, but the only part of the body that is die cast is the helmet, so it is to be assumed that the weight comes from the body itself. The outfit and armor is well done. As for the pistol holster, the same cannot be said, it simply cannot seem to hold the pistol well. The figure also has a decent amount of articulation. Some extreme poses are hindered by the armor, but that is to be expected.

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The Helmet is Die-Cast but Not Screen Accurate

Now unfortunately, there is a pretty big negative on the figure, and it is quite apparent. The headsculpt on the figure is not the best; the helmet is attached to the headsculpt and it sits way too high on the face making it not screen accurate. That being said, the helmet is diecast with an ‘acceptable’ paintjob, with some sloppiness showing on the helmet. The face under the mask looks pretty good and bares some resemblance to Sylvester Stallone. Overall we feel this may have been a rushed production and Xensation could have done a much better job with the helmet.

How Accurate is the Xensation Judge Dredd Figures Head Sculpt? We have the Details!

Keeping in mind the price difference between this figure and more mainstream releases of figures it is fair to say that Xensation put out a completely “acceptable” figure of a character that a large amount of people were really looking forward to. It seems like larger amounts of people are getting keen on customizing the figures that they are purchasing. That being said, this figure in capable hands could easily become a work of art. Out of the box; without a stand included and the various imperfections we still are looking at a relatively decent figure for the price that it costs. If you or anyone that you know are Judge Dredd fans, it still deserves a spot on your shelf without modifications, but if you can take the time to make some small changes the figure can really be something special.