Obviously Molecule8 has made waves with their John Lennon figure. While we have not seen final production photos what we have seen looks fantastic. Highly detailed sculpts, high-end paintwork, as well as intricate accessories have been shown. However, some collectors still are skeptical about the company considering they have had no prior releases. Since its announcement, Sideshow has started to carry the John Lennon figure and that may have alleviated some worries.

The Molecule8 Willy Wonka Figure has the First Ever One Sixth Scale Golden Ticket

Now, before the John Lennon has even been released Molecule8 has announced their second figure; Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka. A true film icon that has had custom iterations of him done before, it was a shock to see that there will be a mass produced version of the chocolatier! So: What do we know about the Molecule8 Willy Wonka?

What Does Wonka come with?

Now, we have not seen any promotional images of finished products, just renders or Work in Progress photos. Now, we have been given a list of what to expect, and it is quite expansive, to say the least. Starting with Wonka himself, he will be utilizing the Stainless Steel Mark I Endoskeleton much like Lennon. It will be interesting to see how these bodies come out, and we will find out once John Lennon releases. Also like the Lennon release is the inclusion of two headsculpts. While we do not have photos of the sculpts besides the photos from sculptor Mike Hill, I would wager that one sculpt will be a neutral expression while the other is a smile.

Mike Hill is Leading the Charge for The Molecule8 Willy Wonka Head Sculp

Arguably the most iconic part of the Willy Wonka look is his eccentric outfit. I am waiting with baited breath to see final photos of the tailoring, but Molecule8 says that they will be working with custom printed fabrics. If nothing else, I would hope that this means that the texture and materials used in the outfit will be accurate. In their renders, they show the vest pattern, as well as the render of the boots, both of which look fantastic.

Check Out All the Cool Accessories That Comes With The Molecule8 Willy Wonka Figure

In terms of accessories, the listing just says “accessories from memorable moments.” Additionally, they list interchangeable hands in a variety of gestures. The renders shown include candy umbrellas, edible mugs, the everlasting gobstobber, the iconic Wonka bar, and more! It will be interesting to see if all of these make the cut, or if only some of them do. Additionally, Molecule8 has said that an Oompa Loompa will be included, so we are excited to see what that piece will entail! Finally, a 1:1 scale replica of the Golden Ticket will be included as well!

When Will Preorders Begin?

So the question remains: What do we know about the Molecule8 Willy Wonka? The answer is quite a bit! However without final product information or photos nothing is certain. One thing we do know is that the figure will be up for order on August 1st 2017 and It will be carrying a price of $249.95 with free shipping. Not a high price assuming the figure comes out as good as it appears! It also comes in cheaper than John Lennon. We will have a better idea of what to expect when the John Lennon figure ultimately releases.

The Molecule8 Willy Wonka Figure Will Come With Sculpted Hair

Obviously by now we know Molecule8 is a secretive company that keeps things close to the chest. We saw that when we interviewed the companies founder. Regardless, the moment One Sixth Society is able to get more information you will be the first to know!