As fantastic as a lot of 1/6 scale super hero figures are, a common thread among them is that the capes are not typically up to snuff. The materials that are used sometimes do not flow correctly, or look cheap in comparison to a high-end costume and headsculpt. In that regard, something must be done to rectify the issue. Many collectors turn towards 1/6 Scale Custom Cape Makers for just this purpose. I also wanted to note that I had a conversation with one of Hot Toys lead cape designers (who will remain unnamed) and he disclosed to me that the Film Studios have final say on the cape designs. He told me that sometimes Hot toys does not agree with the cape designs but there isn’t much they can do to change the Film Studios mind.

We should preface this article by making sure that it is clear that we are not favoring either of these artists over one another nor is this a paid advertisement. They are both incredibly talented and put in the work hours to make the best possible products. Before we delve into these talented folks, we wanted to make that totally clear.

Tony and Crystal Mei (MEI KAI)

Tony and Crystal Mei (sometimes known as Mei Kai) may be the most well-known cape-makers in the community. The fact that the husband and wife team has been making upgrades for figures for years goes a really long way. The team’s soft goods do an excellent job taking figures to the next level. Personally I use a Batman cape from them on my 89 Hot Toys DX09 Batman figure, and it is one of my favorite figures that I have on the shelf now.

Tony Mei Creates The Best 1/6 Scale Custom Capes

One of my favorite things about Mei Kai and their work is the amount of diversity in the items that they have produced. It is easy enough to make a cape pattern and then produce a bunch in multiple colors, but that is not what they do. Every detail and step is taken to procure accurate materials and patterns in such a way that each and every cape comes out as a unique piece. Options are also a plenty, I remember being overwhelmed with the amount of choices that they had for the Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises figures!

Photo of Budget Stark, Jon Deak And Tony Mei at Frank and Sons

Its important to note that Tony and Crystal do not take requests. Everything that they create is created for their own personal collection.

Lucky Tjandra (Unreal Customs)

Where Mei Kai is established, Unreal Customs is a bit more new to the 1/6 Scale Custom Cape scene. Founded by Lucky Tjandra, he has focused mainly on making new capes for Hot Toys figures, and boy does he elevate them!

Check Out These Custom 1/6 Capes By Unreal Customs

After starting off with images of Superman and Batman from Batman Versus Superman with wired capes, Unreal Customs popularity shot up. I would attribute this to their fresh, beautiful photography, and just how gorgeous their capes are. Long and flowing, I specifically want to give a shot out to the Black Panther piece that they made.

Closing Thoughts

So, there you have it, two totally reliable and talented cape makers. Both create incredible products with high levels of craftsmanship and creativity, and either one of them is deserving of your business. Thank you for looking at our article on The Best 1/6 Scale Custom Cape Makers.