It should come as no surprise that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is highly anticipated after the reaction that the first film received. As such, Disney Marvel is in overdrive, creating new exciting merchandise based off the film, and Hot Toys is no exception. Just recently there was a Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Star Lord Announcement made across all of Hot Toy’s social media.

Hot Toys is a Great Job Designing Star Lords New Blaster!

The most obvious point of discussion for this figure is the comparison to the release of Star Lord from the first film, and this figure does have some key differences from its predecessor. For one, a new head sculpt was made for this figure. While the paintwork does look more impressive on the newer head-sculpt, it is interesting to note that the new head-sculpt is lacking any real type of emotion, where the previous sculpt had a smirk that would be characteristic of Chris Pratt’s Star Lord.

Baby Groot Comes as an Accessory!

Another interesting thing to note is that this version of Star Lord is being released in both an deluxe, and a regular variant. The regular version includes the aforementioned sculpt of Star Lord, as well as a short jacket outfit instead of the long coat in the original release. In addition to the head-sculpt with Chris Pratt’s likeness, a helmeted sculpt is also included. He has a patterned t-shirt under the jacket, a set of armor that appears over the jacket when it is zipped, his two blasters, a walk-man and cassette, as well a variety of gloved and bare hands and a figure display stand. One of the most exciting aspects of this release may be the inclusion of a Baby Groot, sculpted to sit on Star Lords shoulder.

We have The Details for all of Star Lords Accessories!

Turning our attention towards the deluxe version, he comes with everything included in the regular release as well as some very exciting additions. Two of these are a long coat reminiscent of the first version of the figure, as well as a tight long sleeve tee shirt. The best looking part however is the inclusion of a two piece helmet that is in the process of transforming around the face. The details of how this operates is not currently known, but it is likely fair to guess that it will clip onto the head-sculpt in some fashion. While some have noted that some recent Hot Toys releases have been lacking in accessories, Star Lord does not seem to be suffering from this issue by any stretch.

Star Lord has a New Helmet and its Awesome!

With the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, it is fair to assume that we will see new versions of all of the heroes from the film. Its pretty obvious that these are very popular characters and they will most likely be included in The Avengers Infinity War Films. What does that mean? Possibly all new figures from Hot Toys again in 2018. In fact, we already have a second version of Rocket Raccoon announced. Some may be wary of buying new versions of characters that they already have figures of, if Star Lord is anything to go by Hot Toys is doing a great job of making their new versions of the characters look extremely appealing.