As our namesake implies, we are obviously a website dedicated to one sixth scale collectibles! Of course that does not mean that is all that we collect, quite the contrary! Personally, I collect 1/4th scale figures in addition to 1/6th scale. Now, there is a kind of figure that is a bit more specialized than small scales; Sideshow Collectibles Life Size Action Figures!

These figures are less toy and more statue, but they carry an imposing presence! Walking into someone’s home and seeing a full-scale replica of a famous film icon is certainly something that does not happen every day. With that said, let’s take a look at some of Sideshow’s current life-size offerings!

Darth Vader

There are not many characters more well-known or as physically frightening as Darth Vader. Sideshow has created a life-size replica of the Dark Lord, clocking in at over 7 feet! In his classic ‘hands on belt’ pose, he is quite imposing. Decked out in a tailored costume, Darth Vader also has his chest plate that lights up, just as it does in the film. While the body is fixed in its pose, the head is articulated allowing for a bit of variety. The MSRP on Darth comes in at $8,900.

The Sideshow Collectibles Darth Vader Life Size Action Figure is Almost 8 Feet Tall


About as far away on the spectrum from Darth Vader as possible, Sideshow has a life-size figure of Yoda available as well! Obviously he stands much smaller than Darth Vader, 32inches to be exact. He also is adorned with a finely tailored costume, and his head, hands, and feet are sculpted and painted brilliantly. Yoda stands on a small base reminiscent of his Dagobah home. Due to the size, Yoda costs $2500.

Without a doubt the Sideshow Collectibles Yoda Life Size Action Figure is a must have for any Star Wars Fan!


Vader’s loyal legion is also getting the life-size treatment. The Stormtrooper stands at 6’5” with its stand. Now, an interesting note is that the armor is a combination of the three armors from the original films. In each film the armor would undergo slight cosmetic changes, usually in terms of symmetry and cleanliness. Sideshow created an amalgam after what they deemed looked the best, and their choice came out looking quite nice. The glossy white armor really shines. His pose is him standing on guard, and the helmeted head is articulated. The Stormtrooper costs $8000.

Amazing Sideshow Collectibles Storm Trooper Life Size Action Figure

Boba Fett

Everyone’s favorite bounty hunter also is being immortalized in a life-size figure. Boba Fett is ready to stand alert in your home at an imposing 6’5” with his stand. His armor and clothing is weathered brilliantly, displaying years of wear and tear. The panel on his chest lights up, as well as the base that he stands on. His head and rangefinder are articulated as well, allowing for some range in movement. Boba Fett comes in at $8,500.

The Sideshow Collectibles Boba Fett Life Size Action Figure is the coolest thing I've ever seen

T-800 Endoskeleton

One of the most creative and recognizable character designs of all time, it is no surprise that the T-800 is one of Sideshow Collectibles Coolest Life Size Action Figures! Coming armed with duel Westinghouse M-27 Phased Plasma Pulse Rifles, the T-800 stands over 6 feet tall with his base. The base comes decorated with human skulls, creating a truly creepy look. The trademark eyes of course light up, and the T-800 is ready to protect (or attack) your home for $6000.

Awesome Sideshow Collectibles T-800 Ednoskeleton Life Size Action Figure


One of the most lovable droids in the galaxy, Sideshow has an R2-D2 life-size figure available now. He rests on a stand bringing him to about 4 feet tall. Obviously he has all of his signature lights, but he also makes sounds! Not only that, but his dome, as well as his projects can be rotated for posing options. R2 comes in at $7500.

This is Sideshow Collectibles R2-D2 Life Size Action Figure

Iron Man Mark III

Arguably one of the most iconic super hero looks of all time, Sideshow is producing a life-size Iron Man Mark III figure. The suit stands in a pose reminiscent of the ‘Hall of Armor’ look. It stands at attention, ready for Tony Stark to jump right in. Of course, the eyes, palm repulsors, and arc reactor all light up. Standing at over 6 feet tall on his light up stand, Iron Man costs $8000.

Bet You Didn't Know The Sideshow Collectibles Iron Man Mark III Life Size Action Figure Existed

It is clear that the Sideshow Collectibles Life Size Action Figures are not for everyone. Their price is prohibitive of course, and they require a pretty substantial special investment. With that being said, they are truly impressive pieces, and even seeing one in person is quite an experience.