With what Sideshow has described as their most anticipated project of the last 26 years, Sideshow’s The Child Life Sized Figure is finally going to be arriving to aspiring bounty hunters across the world. The child, or more affectionately known as Baby Yoda captured the hearts of Star Wars fans just around one year ago.  Now it was time to do our Sideshow Baby Yoda Review. We’ll be taking a look at a final production piece so collectors can know exactly what they will be receiving when their asset arrives. Without further ado, lets take a look at the Sideshow Baby Yoda Life Sized Figure!

Beginning with the art box, we have large adornments reminiscent of the concept art panels present in the credits of the show, featuring Din Djarin, aka ‘Mando’ and of course, The Child. Within you will find a letter from Sideshow, as well as a link for assembly instructions. Of course, the true prize is contained within the Styrofoam protection.

The first thing that will grab your attention is of course the tiny, adorable face of the Sideshow Baby Yoda. The sculpture is of The Child looking upwards, as if towards The Mandalorian himself. This is the only part of the figure that has articulation – the head can slightly be moved left and right. As for the sculpt itself, there is no denying that this is as if The Child had leapt off the screen for real – the skin has wrinkles and folds in the natural places while maintaining the adorable giant ears and tiny nose that gripped viewers instantly.

The rest of the figure is non articulated, however his hands, and feet are also sculpted with the same level of detail as the head – displaying the wrinkles and folds you would expect on a 50 year old pint sized force user. The hands and feet also have the appropriate nails as well. Finally, the headsculpt is adorned with tiny grey hairs that line the top of his little head. These have the appearance and feel of real hair, and is a great detail to have included, especially considering how natural they look.

The paint on the figure adds to the realism factor in a big way. Flesh tones peek through his light green skin in natural ways, and he is chock full of freckles on his skin as well, especially in the cheeks. The ears, cheeks, and nose have tinges of red, allowing the paintjob to really shine and appear realistic. Of course, his large brown eyes gleam with gloss as well. The nails on his hands and feet have the appearance of slightly yellowed keratin, which are also glossy.

The Child is of course swaddled in his signature tan outfit. This is a mixed media piece, so the outfit is fabric and can be futzed or adjusted as the collector sees fit. In terms of accessories, the child comes with one, which is the control knob from the cockpit of the Razor Crest. This fits in his hand via a magnet, however since the figure does not have articulation in the arms his outfit must be adjusted to allow insertion.  Finally, he includes a display stand that is fashioned to appear as a typical ‘Star Wars’ piece of ship architecture, perhaps as the floor of the Razor Crest. The stand also includes a peg for The Child’s foot to insert into.

There you have it, collectors. The most adorable asset in the galaxy is shipping soon, and should be arriving to those who ordered him very soon, just in time for Season 2 of The Mandalorian. Our opinion of the piece could not be higher, from the hairs on his head to his tiny little  feet, this bounty is worth every imperial credit. Whether you want to refer to him as the Sideshow Baby Yoda, the Sideshow Child, or just plain old adorableness incarnate, you won’t be disappointed to add this fella to your collection.