If you’re like me, you may have waited too long to realize that the Hot Toys Dawn of Justice Batman figure was a home-run. If that is the case, it became clear very quickly that the only way one could feasibly get a figure after it sold out from the typical outlets was via Ebay, or other collectors at a price increase. Many were asking several hundred dollars more than the figure was retailing for, especially for the exclusive versions of Batman. That being said, our prayers have been answered with a nearly identical Hot Toys Suicide Squad Batman Figure release, albeit with some tweaks.

Looks like Hot Toys released a new Suicide Squad Batman Figure with a wired cape!

What’s the Same, and What has Changed?

Judging from the pre-order information and the photos of the Hot Toys Suicide Squad Batman figure, there are a lot of comparisons to be made to the Dawn of Justice Batman figure. Namely, the fact that it is nearly identical to the previous release. The Suicide Squad figure comes with the exact same hands, the exact same grenade launcher, the exact same batarangs. And the exact same mouths and eyes, and the exact same bat brand and grappling gun.

Is the Hot Toys Suicide Squad Batman Figure worth the money? Find out here!

Now, many may shame Hot Toys for reusing these assets and charging the same price. But personally I think it is better to release a figure with more than less. Batman is in Suicide Squad for a very small amount of time. As a result he does not use the grenade launcher or bat brand but it’s a nice inclusion for those that have not had the chance to get the Dawn of Justice figure. Additionally, the Dawn of Justice figure does still have the exclusive rifle and tech-cowl limited to that release. So there are differences there. The Suicide Squad figure does have three distinctive differences setting it apart from the Dawn of Justice figure as well.

The Hot Toys Suicide Squad Batman Figure is set to release in quarter 4 of 2017

Suicide Squad Batman Figure Cape and Accessories

The Suicide Squad figure obviously comes with a different stand than the Dawn of Justice figure. It appears to be a rectangular stand as has been seen with the other Suicide Squad figures. Suicide Squad Batman features an extended pole to support flying poses. Of course for Batman to fly he needs his cape. The Suicide Squad Batman figure comes with an absolutely massive cape to achieve flying poses. It appears to be much larger than the Dawn of Justice cape based on what we have seen in flying poses, as well as photos of the cape flowing alongside Batman. Finally, he comes with the rebreather that he uses in order to save Harley Quinn from drowning in the Gotham River. All in all, plenty of changes to set the release apart from its predecessor.

The Hot Toys Suicide Squad Batman Figure Is Currently Available for Preorder!


Where Can You Buy The Figure?

Now, Hot Toys and their distributors must know how popular the Dawn of Justice Batman figure is. They announced the edition size of the Suicide Squad version of the figure; 3000 units worldwide. That being said, this second chance has come for those who were patient. It may not be too late to grab one yourself! It is currently waitlisted at Sideshowtoy.com. Overall, as a collector it is nice to see a company respond to high demand by making it more possible for collectors to get the figure that they really want.