Robocop is easily one of the most iconic movie characters of all time. The imposing protector of Detroit has had a slew of collectibles made in his likeness. Tons of companies have taken a crack at him, most recently Chronicle Collectibles. This piece was a limited run of 300 half scale busts. Were huge Robocop fans, we knew that we would have to take a look at it. With that said, let’s get into our Chronicle Collectibles Robocop Bust Review.


For anyone who has previously bought something at half scale before, you know just how large the packaging can be. The Chronicle Collectibles Robocop Bust is no exception, as the box is massive. Luckily, it is a nice one. It is emblazoned with some images from the film, as well as a few photos of the bust. Adorning the top is the Omni Consumer Products logo. A cool detail for sure!

The 3D Lettering Really Stands Out on the Chronicle Collectibles Robocop Bust Box

The Stand

Now, busts are nothing without the stand, and Chronicle made a very neat piece for Robocop to sit on top of. Painted silver, the stand is circular. On the front of the stand is the Robocop logo. The general aesthetic of the whole stand is that of Robocop himself. Some design elements from the suit were carried over onto the stand creating a really cool looking display.

The Chronicle Collectibles Robocop Bust Stand is Beautifully Sculpted

On the bottom of the stand is some information, including your edition number of the statue. However, this is printed on foam that is intended to keep the statue relatively grounded. It seems like with some movement, that the text might rub off of the foam. What we ended up doing was applying some felt risers to the stand, which fixed that right up!

The Bust

Now, onto the main event: the bust itself. The bust is immaculate to say the least. The sculptural qualities of it are near perfect. Obviously it is tough to judge a likeness since half of the face is obscured, but what we can see does in fact look like Peter Weller. However, the main thing that makes the bust pop is not the sculpt or the size, but the paint.

Check out the All New Chronicle Collectibles Robocop Bust

Robocop’s signature sheen is captured perfect. In the film, his main color is a blue/silver mix, but when the light hits the armor something special happens. The blueish tone becomes more purple, and it’s a really neat effect. This was something that even Hot Toys did not capture perfectly, but here it is amazing. The face sculpt also was done very well, displaying quite realistically. But goodness, it is hard to get past just how nice the armor was painted. Even the glossy black of the visor came through looking great.

The Chronicle Collectibles Robocop Bust Head Sculpt Has a Great Resemblance to Peter Weller

So there you have it. It’s a huge piece but there is not a ton to say about it; it’s fantastic. If you are a Robocop fan this is a no brainer. So even if you have never heard of Chronicle Collectibles, you should have them on your radar now. We hope you enjoyed our Chronicle Collectibles Robocop Bust Review!