No one wants their figures to take a shelf dive, they can be absolutely devastating. As such, your figures need to be on a stand! Of course some figures do include stands, but not all of them. As the one sixth world has grown custom figures have become much more prevalent and the majority of them do not include stands. While some mass producing companies like Sideshow or Hot Toys do include stands others like Threezero do not.

Any 1/6 Scale Figure Stand You Can Think of, Stoney’s Stands Can Make it

At one point, the oval stand was the most prevalent but that has changed with time. Hot Toys has had a variety of stand shapes as has Sideshow. Most collectors want a uniform display in their collection, so what is the solution? Collectors have had to turn to custom stands. One Sixth Society had An interview with Seth Stoneberger of Stoney’s Stands to get some insight into his custom stands.

The best 1/6 figure accessory stands out there by Stoney’s Stands

Seth Stoneberger has been making stands for just over three years now. His stands became well known for being crafted in a clear acrylic. He began by making stands to display extra accessories alongside figures. “The first stand I made was for my Scar Predator Bio Mask. After that I made several simple Bio Mask Stands and head sculpt stands from scrap Lexan polycarbonate laying around work.” As he created these first few pieces and shared them around, collectors began to take notice and wanted them for themselves. He continued making the pieces in his garage, noting “It was a slow, hot and dusty process but people loved them and orders kept coming.”

Where Stoney’s Stands is Today

As time went on, Seth found it was time to upgrade. He purchased a laser cutter to help speed along the process. Given that he had no prior experience with laser cutting and its relevant programming, Seth learned the ins and outs of the process. He then began branching out into other products; plaques, custom shelving, displays, and more. Seth began his official Facebook Page Stoney’s Stands which has about 3300 likes at the time of this article.

Stoney’s Stands uses a laser cutter for all of their 1/6 scale figure stands

Today, Seth is working with a variety of materials and product designs. He is in the process of extending his business even further. “This year we will see my first professional large laser cutter as I’ve recently moved and now have the space for it.” The most important thing about being a custom artist is of course the customers, and Seth is no different. “I pride myself on bringing the customers ideas and wishes to reality in a timely manner.”

If you are looking for custom 1/6 scale stands then Custom 1-6 Scale Figure Stands By Stoney's Stands if your best bet

If you need custom stands, displays, or any other variety of items related to your perfect figure set up, I think you know who One Sixth Society recommends! Seth Stoneberger is a great guy and makes incredible products that you should certainly have on your shelf. Keep an eye out for the Invisistand as well! With that all said we wanted to say thank you to Seth for allowing us to have An Interview with Stoney’s Stands!